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UL1077 recognised

UL1077 recognised

UL 1077 Supplementary Protectors
UL 1077 defines supplementary protectors as devices intended for use as overcurrent, over-voltage or under-voltage protection within an appliance or other electrical equipment where branch-circuit overvoltage protection is already provided or is not required.

Important Note: While the term circuit breaker is used to describe both UL 489 and UL 1077 devices, UL 1077 devices are not considered Circuit Breakers by UL. They are defined as Supplementary Protectors.



  • Frame: DD-Frame
  • Mounting: Rail and Surface Mount
  • Handle Type: Standard Handle - Mid Trip
  • Termination: Clamp Terminal 3,5mm - Top and Bottom
  • No of Poles: 2 pole – Metric or RAU/LVR + 1 Circuit Breaker pole
  • Rated voltages - Main Circuit: 240/415Vac; 277/480Vac (Multipole)
  • Time Delay : Long Time Delay 50/60Hz or DC
  • Main Circuit Current: 11A
  • Circuit Configuration: Mid Trip Handle
  • RMU - Model: Not Applicable
  • Customer Specific: Not Applicable
  • Handle Color: White handle, Black marking
  • Handle Marking: Blank no marking
  • Mounting Orientation: Vertical, Standard Mounting , Line @ Top
  • Front Plate Marking: Standard Marking, Standard Handle
  • Interphase Barrier or Cover: Inter-Phase Barrier-LARGE (Rail Mount Product use Cropped Barrier)
  • Approvals: CUR, UL recognized UL1077, IEC/EN60934, CE
  • Safety marks: Not Applicable
Agency Approvals: 
  • CE/CCC
  • UL1077 recognised
  • VDE IEC60934

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