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The B Series is a very compact yet robust circuit breaker for applications with space constraints. It offers a wide range of handles, and is used in applications like telecoms, lighting, railways signalling and solar power. It is available in single and double pole configurations for both AC and DC applications. There is a choice for time delay characteristics and auxiliary switch options.


  • Single or double pole
  • AC, DC or dual frequency
  • Relay or Series Trip with a range of delays, with or without auxiliary switch
  • 0.1 to 30A current
  • 240V AC and up to 125V DC
  • Available in Metric or Imperial panel mounts, or Snap-in Mounts
  • Screw, Clamp or Quick Connect terminations
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C-Frame : 0,1 - 50 A for AC and DC applications.

  • Ambient operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • Endurance - MKII: 10 000 operations DC, 6 000 operations AC, 6 000 operations with current (UL 1077 clause 22 and UL489 clause 7.1.5)
  • Dielectric strength: 1 000 - 2000 V AC for one minute (IEC 60934 Clause 9.7)
  • Shock: 100G to MIL-STD-202G
  • Vibration: 10G to MIL-STD-202G
  • Flammability: I3 - ignition does not persist at 850°C after glow wire is withdrawn with an oxygen index of > 28

The CBi C-Frame MKII is a traditional circuit breaker with a front mount profile. It is available in up to three poles, for both AC and DC.  This is a modular circuit breaker that is suitable as distribution breaker as well as built in protection of equipment. The CBi C-Frame can be customized for up to 6 pole configurations.  


  • UL 1077 240V AC, 80V DC, interrupting capacity 2 kA (AC, 7.5 kA (DC)
  • UL 1500. 120/240V AC, 65V DC, interrupting capacity 3 kA (AC) and 1 kA (DC)
  • IEC/EN 60934. Interrupting capacity 3 kA (AC), 1kA (DC). Polarity sensitive.
  • UL 489. Maximum voltage of 120/240V AC, interrupting capacity 5 kA.
  • UL 489A. Maximum voltage of 80 V DC, interrupting capacity 5 kA.

There are options for different handles, terminations, colors, printing, auxiliary switches, trip alarm,  and more. A popular handle is the “Flush Rocker” handle which is totally flat when the breaker is turned on in order to prevent accidental switching off.


  • Telecom DC power distribution
  • UPS equipment
  • Mobile power generation
  • Power conditioning equipment
  • Lighting control

For options not listed, please contact CBI Inc.

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Dimensional Drawings: 

DD-Frame: 0,5-400A for AC and DC applications.

The DD-Frame is a compact yet powerful circuit breaker. The hydraulic-magnetic technology is unaffected by ambient temperature, making it suitable for telecom and datacom equipment like power supplies, lighting control, inverters and power distribution.  It withstands harsh environmental conditions in military, railway and renewable energy solutions. The DD-Frame is also available as a switch. Optional auxiliary switch and trip alarm.

Due to it's robust frame and ability to withstand harsh environments, the DD Frame breaker is used in military and railway applications, and in renewable energy solutions for protection of combiner boxes and battery storage.


  • 1 to 6 poles
  • AC and DC configurations
  • Rating 0.1A to 100 A AC and 400 A DC
  • Toggle, rocker, flush rocker handle options
  • Metric and imperial stud terminals, plug in (bullet), screw and clamp
  • Optional auxiliary switch and trip alarm
  • Customer specific configurations for DIN rail mount and other options.
  • Precision tripping, with a choice of time delay characteristics


  • UL recognized: UL1077, UL1500 and UL 508
  • UL Listed: UL489 and UL489A
  • CE Certified, VDE, cURus, CSA, EAC and CCC.

Remote Actuator Units (RAU)

For applications including energy storage, battery management and telecom UPS systems, a CBI DD-frame can be fitted in remote areas as well as in places where it’s not necessarily easy to access the circuit breaker in the equipment but still have full control in terms of operating the MCB.

Using the CBi RAU together with a CBi DD-frame in your application enables you to take your equipment to the next level in terms of remote accessibility, as well as giving the possibility to dramatically reduce maintenance cost and system down time if a non-fatal fault tripping occurs.

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Perfect for industrial, commercial, telecom and power distribution applications, the CBI L-Frame Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) is your solution for protecting installations and equipment against overload + short circuit conditions. Applications include battery protection and switching, mobile power generation and UPS equipment.

  • Hydraulic-magnetic technology
  • 100% rating capacity, independent of ambient temperature
  • Three Poles
  • Ratings up to 600A AC (1500 A DC)
  • Trip button for mechanical confirmation of operation
  • Precision tripping
  • Reset immediately after overload.
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SFM Series

SFM Series

  • Poles: 1, 2, 3, and 4. 1+N and 3+N
  • Ratings: 1 A to 100 A
  • Can be switched on immediately after tripping
  • Optional auxiliary switch and shunt trip
  • IEC / EN 60947-3
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T-Frame (CBE)

T-Frame (CBE)

The T-Frame is a compact, low profile circuit breaker. It is available in single and double pole configurations and its low profile design makes it ideal for power distribution applications. The T-Frame has a rocker handle and is available in both AC and DC.

  • Hydraulic-magnetic technology
  • 100% rating capability independent of ambient temperature
  • UL1077 (UL Recognized) and UL489 (UL Listed)
  • Current Rating: 0.1 A to 30 A
  • Wide range of time delays
  • IEC60947-2, BG14048,2 VDE, cURus and CE certified.
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Y-Frame (YA, YB, YF)

Y-Frame (YA, YB, YF)

YA Frame

  • UL 489A, IEC 60947-2, UKCA, CE, CCC
  • Polarized product:
    • 150 V DC (1 or 2 poles),
    • 300 V DC (1 pole)
    • 400 V DC / 600 V DC (2 poles)
    • 400 V DC / 600 V DC (4 poles)
  • Mounting: DIN mount - 45 mm or 57 mm escutcheon
  • Factory-fitted Auxiliary switch and Trip alarm available

YB Frame

  • UL 489B, IEC 60947-2, UKCA, CE, CCC
  • Unpolarized product, reverse feedable:
    • 150 V DC (1 pole)
    • 300 V DC (2 poles)
    • 600 V DC (4 poles)
  • Mounting: DIN mount - 45 mm or 57 mm escutcheon
  • Factory-fitted Auxiliary switch and Trip alarm available

YF Frame

  • UL489, IEC / EN 60947-2, UKCA, CE and CCC.
  • Hydraulic-Magnetic AC circuit breaker
  • Ultra-compact - 13mm wide
  • Mounting: DIN mount - 45 mm or 57 mm escutcheon
  • Poles:
    • 1P, 1P + N (240V AC)
    • 2P, 3P, 3P + N (415V AC)
  • Current Rating: 0.5A to 32A
  • Medium or instantaneous delay curves
  • ON and OFF indicator, can be switched on immediately after tripping
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